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MF Dach

How can I update the MF programs over the internet?

Open the MF Start menu program, go to "Tools," and launch the MF InternetInstaller. The username and password are provided in the "Internet Update Service" document or can be requested from us via a simple email.
Additionally, you can find a video tutorial on our YouTube channel! (German)

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What are the requirements for the program? What kind of laptop/PC do I need?

Please refer to the installation manual (German) for all hardware and software requirements.

Installation manual
Are the programs stored in a cloud?

No, all your data is always with you. The programs require a mapped network drive letter. However, some of our customers use the programs via a cloud server.

The programs are not explicitly tested for terminal servers, but many of our customers already use our programs successfully via terminal servers.

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Fragen zum Kauf

What is the cost of the MF programs and what other expenses can I expect?

We would be happy to send you a non-binding offer. The offer includes the purchase price, annual software maintenance, and training for new customers. Software maintenance includes updates (latest program version available for download at any time) as well as telephone and email support.

Am I required to purchase software maintenance?

In the first year, software maintenance is mandatory. Subsequently, we will send you an invoice for future software maintenance.
If you no longer wish to continue, you can simply return the invoice to us. You are not entering into a contract with us and therefore have no termination period. Please note that especially technical programs should always be up to date due to new standards and professional regulations for correct calculations.

Is it possible to conduct the training online?

Yes, conducting an online training session is not a problem. We can do this via TeamViewer or another program. We would be happy to provide you with an offer.

Which program version suits my needs?

We are available by phone to assist you. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

I would like to test MF programs without any commitment first. Is that possible?

Yes, absolutely! Feel free to download the free demo version and consult the Getting Started manual or vist our YouTube-Channel. The demo version is a full version of MF Dach and allows you to create up to 39 documents.

How many workspaces can I use MF Dach with?

MF Dach is a site-wide license and network-capable, so you can install it as many times as needed within your company.

MF Aufmaß

How can I enter formulas without clicking on a formula function such as triangle or trapezoid?

Double-click directly on a line in the form to enter formulas directly in that line. Alternatively, you can place the cursor on a formula and press the ENTER key.

How can I change the client, construction project, and type of work afterwards?

Double-click in the header area or on one of these entries. Alternatively, select the 'Header Rows' entry from the Commands menu.

Can I transfer quantities from the previous item to the current quantity?

Yes. Place the cursor on the current position and select the 'Reference to Previous Item' option from the Edit menu. Even faster, you can use the F4 key.

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How can positions be copied?

Place the cursor on the first line of the position to be copied (selecting other lines would mark a formula within that position) and select the 'Copy' option from the Edit menu. Now, place the cursor where you want to copy the position to and select the 'Paste' option from the Edit menu. The position will appear below the selected position.

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