MF Dämmplan imports the roof model from the MF DachDesigner and autonomously generates the sloped insulation. This automatically generated insulation plan can be edited in various ways.

MF Dämmplan - Darstellung des Gefälleplans


MF Dämmplan

MF Dämmplan imports the building layout from the MF DachDesigner and creates the sloped insulation plan accordingly. This automatic generated design can be further edited in various ways.
For this purpose, auxiliary elements such as valleys, roof ridges, and more exist. Each individual plate is freely formable.
From multi-layered gradient roofs to staircase systems, everything is possible. As a result, you will receive a cutting list, the installation plan, and more.


The purchase of MF Dämmplan includes mandatory software maintenance for the first year. This consists of regular software updates and electronic support. Therefore, you can always download the latest version from the internet and receive assistance with any questions or issues.


Available with the MF Translator.