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Introduction and training

On-site or online courses

Clients have the option to choose between on-site or online training sessions. With on-site training, you can visit us at our office and we provide guidance directly at your workspace. Alternatively, clients can opt for online training sessions.

Components of the course:

  • The programs will be installed and configured on your computer
  • Network settings
  • All individual adjustments to your operation (company forms, printers, hourly rates...)
  • Additional employees can participate

The training course typically lasts for one working day and can be extended for additional days as needed. For multi-day training, it's advisable to allow some time to elapse between the first and second days. This allows for the consolidation of the learned material.

If you are interested in an online training session, please feel free to contact us, and we will schedule a date. We typically conduct online training sessions using TeamViewer or Zoom.

Training materials

You can download various PDF documents related to our roofing software using the links below. These documents are specifically tailored to train MF Dach. For additional resources, please consult our manuals.